Dana Aeschliman

Statistical Consulting - Consultant en statistique

Data Science - Science des données

At UBC, I was lucky to find an advisor in the fall of 1999, Dr. Harry Joe, who was interested in computation. Associating with Harry helped me to acquire the computer literacy that continues to serve me well in these years when computer scientists seem to have stolen much of our thunder. I believe that, once one has been a competent C programmer, most programming problems don't appear too difficult.

Another formative influence both during my student life at UBC and in the year immediately following was the great Bayesian Dr. Paul Gustafson. I still have the sticky note that Paul attached to the small stack of preprints for our paper in Lifetime Data Analysis: "We're famous!"

Here are a few papers and presentations which make me smile when I think of them.

Some papers

Volker M. Gorenflo, Joachim B. Ritter, Dana S. Aeschliman, Bruce D. Bowen, James M. Piret (2005). “Characterization and Optimization of Acoustic Filter Performance by Experimental Design Methodology.” Biotechnology & Bioinformatics, 90, 6, pp.746-753.

Gustafson, P., Aeschliman, D., and Levy, A.R. (2003). “A simple approach to fitting Bayesian survival models.” Lifetime Data Analysis, 9, 5-19.

Michael Baser, J.M. Friedman, Dana Aeschliman, Harry Joe, Andrew J. Wallace, Richard T. Ramsden, D. Gareth R. Evans (2002). “Predictors of the risk of mortality in neurofibromatosis 2.” The American Journal of Human Genetics, 71, 715-723.

William W.L. Hsiao, Korine Ung, Dana Aeschliman, Jenny Bryan, Brett Finlay, and Fiona S.L. Brinkman (2005) “Evidence of a large gene pool associated with prokaryotic genomic islands”, PLoS Genetics.

A memorable presentation

Across and down in large SNP studies: the MAX test vs SAS PROC CASECONTROL, MCP Conference, Vienna, 2007. Fun work from when SNP chips were all the rage. Plus, this is my only visit to Vienna (thus far).


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